Chaos is everywhere.
Learn how to leverage it in FS.

In the fall of 2020, we undertook a major global survey of senior business and marketing individuals to dive deep into the future of the CMO role. This led to “From Chaos to Clarity” – our report on these findings and the frameworks Clear developed to turn forces of chaos into forces of positive change, which we launched at the start of 2021.

The survey spanned multiple sectors, but 300 of the CEOs, CMOs, and senior marketers we spoke to worked at Financial Services (FS) organizations. When we asked them about their goals and the obstacles they’re coming up against, we were so intrigued by the findings that we decided to launch a companion report focused on the FS sector: “From Chaos to Opportunity.”

How Financial Services marketers can drive growth

While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected FS less severely than some sectors, its impact has still been transformational. FS companies have fundamentally shifted the way they do business at an incredible speed; at the same time, the macroeconomic environment and competitive landscapes have undergone massive changes.

Our deep dive into the views of FS CEOs, CMOs, and other senior marketers shows leaders buffeted by change, but still optimistic about how to thrive in 2021 and beyond.

The data shows a reason to be optimistic – there’s a clear opportunity for sector marketing leaders to drive transformative growth. However, in order to own that strategic driving seat, FS marketers must fill critical gaps undermining the function.

In this companion piece, we dive into three key forces of chaos behind these gaps, and identify three key strategies to overcome them.

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Points of Clarity

Watch the launch and our latest interviews with CMOs in which we discuss the challenges that chaos creates – and how they deal with them.

15 Apr Launch From Chaos to Opportunity
21 Jan Worldwide Launch From Chaos to Clarity
12 Nov Doug Palladini Global Brand President, Vans
06 Nov Pete Markey CMO, TSB Bank
14 Oct Renata Policicio Vice President, Research and Insights at ESPN
07 Nov Paul English Global Leadership Team at Grant Thornton
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