Michael Liu

Greater China Partner

Born in North China, Michael came to Shanghai in 1993 to pursue his Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering at ECUST. Then he joined Unilever China and worked respectively as the NEA/SEAA Regional Sourcing Manager, Senior Brand Manager and Marketing Manager.

He has 20 years of marketing experience, which includes being appointed as the marketing consultant for Tetrapak Client Services and invited by local conglomerates such as New Hope and White Cat as their retainer Brand Consultant.

As an acknowledged planner, he successfully combined the international expertise with local market insights. He has multi-category management experience (brand, supply chain and trade) and had helped many clients developed their marketing strategy, innovation plan, CRM platform, brand positioning and communication strategies etc. He is a respected trainer in advanced marketing management and has provided courses to many international and local companies with remarkable results.

His experience includes areas such as FMCG, Finance, Fashion, Property, Auto, Retail, CRM, Digital, City Marketing etc. He also has good connectivity to government, institutions and media.

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