Navigating a
world of
constant change

At Clear, we’re helping our clients to identify the most likely scenarios that they will face in their markets and sectors through 2021 and 2022 and to build brand, innovation and experience strategies to match.  

We’ve identified five key areas which will shape brands as we navigate the global recession:

New customer segments – Identifying how your customer base has shifted – and the implications for your portfolio and innovation strategies

New customer behaviors – Understanding how persistent those behaviors are likely to be and the opportunities they represent for rapid, agile innovation

New frustrations – Areas of brand experience that brands have not invested in are becoming more obvious by the day – and eroding brand preference

New (old) needs – Brands that can deliver clear, useful propositions that address these needs (including those that have stayed the same) will win

New budget – Identifying areas where consumers will stop and start spending will allow proper rationalisation of portfolios to better meet these changed needs

If you’re facing these challenges and would like our perspective, we’ve created this rapid response system to help provide some answers. 

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The pressure to create strategies for work, rest and play as we leave lockdown is growing by the day – here’s how we’ve been helping brands to prepare for beyond the crisis.

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Clear FAQs – brand strategy, business, innovation and experience in the new normal

Business FAQS


How is Clear managing it’s business during the crisis?

What changes have you made to ways of working?

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Brand Strategy FAQS


Should I do brand research right now?

How can I adjust my strategy for the now, what’s next and the long term?

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Innovation FAQS


Have you any examples of innovation processes you’re running during lockdown?

What can I do to fast-track innovations through my pipeline?

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Customer Experience FAQS


My customer experience is now solely digital – how do I prepare to reintegrate other experience elements?

How can identify UX and CX pain points more rapidly?

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Work we’re doing to help brands get to next

Helping a global financial trading business to develop their post-crisis customer experience

Creating a future in-aisle experience for a nutrition giant to drive growth that aligns with the health and wellness objectives of multiple retailers

Activating the rapidly growing D2C opportunity for a global pet food giant

Wargaming the future strategy for a UK restaurant group looking to emerge from the crisis in the best shape

Producing virtual sensory labs for a global healthcare brand

Working with a global toothpaste brand on future innovations

Working with a global credit and debit card business to manage their brand and communications strategy through and beyond the crisis

Conducting virtual in-depth video interviews to understand a key target segment for a global alcohol brand

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