Navigating a world of constant change

It’s been a hugely challenging few weeks for our clients, our colleagues and our friends around the world. The impact of COVID-19 is being felt differently in every sector, country and business.

Some of our clients, in FMCG, Financial Services and Retail are actively working to manage spikes in demand, their ongoing communications and associated brand experience issues.

Others, in airlines, restaurants or automotive are conserving cash reserves and beginning to think about how their businesses can move fully in to a ‘what’s next’ mindset.

At Clear, we’re working to help light the path to what comes next, the bounce and then the longer recovery.

To help do that for as many people and brands as we can, we’ve invested in new research into retail and retail banking brand experience. We’ve launched Clear Conversations – an ongoing, global webinar series where we discuss key strategic issues for brands, strategists, marketers, experience professionals and innovators. We’ve created a rapid response system for brand marketers, innovation leads and experience professionals to help provide answers to the questions we’re all facing each day. And we’re developing new tools and ideas each week to help brands navigate the crisis.

Everything we’re building is designed to be useful, specific and to add some clarity to the often confusing world we’re operating in right now. Check back here for regular updates – and please do ask us anything – we’ll help if we can.

Clear thinking to help you get to next

COVID-19 has catapulted health and wellness to the fore more than ever before. We want to explore how this is (and isn’t) changing wellness – and what brands can do now, next and beyond. Skaiste Nish and Fi Macleod investigate.

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Saying We just have to ride this one out, and then things can go back to the way they were” is understandable. Alexander Wipf explains why this approach isn’t helping us make the most of the current opportunity presented to us.

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Clear FAQs – brand strategy, business, innovation and experience in the new normal

Business FAQS


How is Clear managing it’s business during the crisis?

What changes have you made to ways of working?

And more…

Brand Strategy FAQS


Should I do brand research right now?

How can I adjust my strategy for the now, what’s next and the long term?

And more…

Innovation FAQS


Have you any examples of innovation processes you’re running during lockdown?

What can I do to fast-track innovations through my pipeline?

And more…

Customer Experience FAQS


My customer experience is now solely digital – how do I prepare to reintegrate other experience elements?

How can identify UX and CX pain points more rapidly?

And more…

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Work we’re doing to help brands get to next

Helping a global financial trading business to develop their post-crisis customer experience

Creating a future in-aisle experience for a nutrition giant to drive growth that aligns with the health and wellness objectives of multiple retailers

Activating the rapidly growing D2C opportunity for a global pet food giant

Wargaming the future strategy for a UK restaurant group looking to emerge from the crisis in the best shape

Producing virtual sensory labs for a global healthcare brand

Working with a global toothpaste brand on future innovations

Working with a global credit and debit card business to manage their brand and communications strategy through and beyond the crisis

Conducting virtual in-depth video interviews to understand a key target segment for a global alcohol brand

Need help getting to next?

Geraint Jones
Marketing Director, Global