Beyond Purpose

Change is hard. No matter how much we might want to change or improve, making it happen is never easy. That’s just as true for my regular attempts to get fit, as it is for marketing directors’ ambitions to transform their brands. It can be

From customer centricity to customer value

Every business needs the ability to understand complex and changing customer needs, and the agility to respond to them. But many B2B companies are failing, on both counts. We can see that when it comes to customer centricity, B2B companies talk a good game. The problem

Clash of the Titans

There is only one thing certain about war, that it is full of disappointments and also full of mistakes. Winston Churchill   A genuine clash of the titans is unfolding before our eyes, and you’re likely playing a big role whether you realize it or not. But with

Professional services: Escape the innovation trap

True digital disruption is long overdue within professional services Clients want to see the latest technologies proactively harnessed to create efficiencies and increased value for money; firms stand to benefit by increasing margin and revenues without additional headcount[1]. Yet for all the noise and column inches heralding


Hey, Siri… What’s artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) is commonly understood as the use of computers to handle tasks previously performed by humans. From Googling a place to eat to letting your car park itself, AI is touching and transforming nearly every aspect of our lives. This

Emotionally Stunted

In 2017 we concluded last year’s B2B marketing conference season with ‘Being human, for now, still has its advantages’, suggesting that B2B businesses were starting to get to grips with emotion in marketing. Depressingly, this year’s conferences again saw more consumer than business examples, sessions with

Signalling change to the outside world

We’re used to the three big questions of strategy: Where are we now? Where are we going? and How will we get there? But often too little consideration is placed on another set: What, when and how are we going to tell people about it? The