Goliath & David – the big and the vulnerable

In today’s market, even the most established brands are vulnerable to small, nimble insurgents. A new Clear study finds that anticipating change is the first step to a successful response. Barriers to entry are crumbling—and so is the status quo. How vulnerable is your category? Without

Helping Britain’s ‘hassled hard-workers’

Our work in the world of financial services has led us to identify a fascinating new customer group, shaped by seismic shifts in the social and economic landscape over the last 10-15 years. This group, the ‘hassled hard-workers’, often have wealth on paper but are

Insuring generation rent

5.4 million. The number of private tenants in the UK with no contents insurance.[1] 10.5 million. The total number of tenants in the UK with no contents insurance.[2] 81%. The percentage of generation rent without contents insurance.[3]   It would seem generation rent is getting bigger. And generation rent is taking more