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Delivering sustained growth

A June 2019 study by NYU Stern's Center for Sustainable Business has finally debunked the myth that consumers don't buy sustainable brands. For many years, brand managers have complained that whilst consumers claimed they intended to purchase sustainable products, in reality, they did no such

Goliath & David – competing with the little guy

It seems the rules of brand engagement are changing every day. In this climate, even long-standing category leaders need transformational strategies to win. A 2017 Clear study found that even established companies and stable categories are vulnerable to the rise of insurgent brands, as discussed in

Goliath & David – the big and the vulnerable

In today’s market, even the most established brands are vulnerable to small, nimble insurgents. A new Clear study finds that anticipating change is the first step to a successful response. Barriers to entry are crumbling—and so is the status quo. How vulnerable is your category? Without

Beware the pitfalls of focusing on your core

Every week we seem to hear another cautionary tale of a retailer refocusing on its core and retreating from ‘expansion’ efforts – whether that’s broadening its brand proposition, setting its sights on new target audiences, innovating its service offering, etc. Whole Foods plans to dial back

Unlocking deeper trust in banking

Trust. It’s a valuable commodity, but easily mislaid. That’s why brands obsess about establishing it, winning it, nurturing it and retaining it. In high street banking, trust is once again at the top of the agenda, with marketers nervously considering the potential for contagion from the ongoing

5 key lessons for brands looking to win in ‘Naturals’

The end of World War II saw the rise of mass production. Consumers lapped up a constant stream of relentless innovation. Relentless innovation to make food taste nicer, smell better and cook faster. Relentless innovation that brought us more effective medicines and personal care products. All

Three reasons why your next big thing will fail…

In technology businesses, the pressure to innovate is constant. It's a high stakes game with billions of dollars of revenue on the table. So how is it that we still see high profile failures, even from the world's biggest brands? Below, I set out my

Naturally additive

Naturals remains a significant growth opportunity for the consumer healthcare industry. Even in efficacy driven categories like pain relief, consumers are increasingly in search of more natural products. 22% of consumers in the UK and 62% in China claimed to have bought a more natural pain

Stress testing your premiumisation strategy

In uncertain times, one thing is certain - whilst consumers won’t spend money on the big things, they are prepared to spend more on small everyday treats. Following the 2008 recession chocolate bar and beer sales increased in pace and M&S captured the mood by launching

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