From curation to hyper-personalization

Personalization isn’t new. In 2006, Time Magazine declared ‘You’ as ‘Person of the Year’. With more and more consumers identifying personalization as a reason to hand out more dollars, coupled with unprecedented availability of data about their wants and needs, it’s important for businesses to

Experience the retail revolution

The year is 2019. Electric cars are a thing. Goggles transport you to an entirely new world. Drones deliver packages within hours. Someone else is doing your grocery shopping. Your dog has a subscription box. And you make purchases with a single breath. Did someone

Retail 2030

Change. Future. Two words that are constantly top of mind. Two words that are laced with both excitement and anxiety. In a recent survey of Senior Retail Marketing Leaders (VP & Above), we asked, “when is change typically handled in your marketing department?” Shockingly, 50% of retail

Winning in connected health

With the increase in chronic health conditions, and pressure on health services - driven by ageing populations and post-recessionary healthcare budgets - there has never been a better time to leverage the benefits of connected technology. But with so many possibilities open to healthcare businesses across

Clash of the Titans

"Paper or plastic"? Neither, thank you Not too long ago, if you stopped by your neighborhood supermarket to pick up some items for Tuesday night tacos, the cashier might have asked you, “Paper or plastic?” This represented your likely payment options, as you probably paid with

Smart Cities

A fresh opportunity for suppliers to create greater value for commissioners and citizens It’s been over a decade since the first major commercial initiatives ignited the smart cities agenda (Cisco’s Connected Urban Development programme started in 2005 and IBM’s Smarter Cities campaign brought the topic to

Helping Britain’s ‘hassled hard-workers’

Our work in the world of financial services has led us to identify a fascinating new customer group, shaped by seismic shifts in the social and economic landscape over the last 10-15 years. This group, the ‘hassled hard-workers’, often have wealth on paper but are

Unlocking deeper trust in banking

Trust. It’s a valuable commodity, but easily mislaid. That’s why brands obsess about establishing it, winning it, nurturing it and retaining it. In high street banking, trust is once again at the top of the agenda, with marketers nervously considering the potential for contagion from the ongoing


Hey, Siri… What’s artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) is commonly understood as the use of computers to handle tasks previously performed by humans. From Googling a place to eat to letting your car park itself, AI is touching and transforming nearly every aspect of our lives. This

Three reasons why your next big thing will fail…

In technology businesses, the pressure to innovate is constant. It's a high stakes game with billions of dollars of revenue on the table. So how is it that we still see high profile failures, even from the world's biggest brands? Below, I set out my