How do you drive footfall with a personalised omnichannel experience?


We helped Telenor Hungary transform its retail experience to drive online and offline sales and increase data consumption across the customer base.


In 2014, Telenor Hungary’s retail estate was losing footfall, as customers took their spending online. This was having a negative impact on its ability to cross- and up-sell products and services, and its influence on the customer experience was waning.

Telenor also needed a return on its significant recent investment in a superfast mobile broadband network, principally by driving adoption of lucrative data contracts among the call and text package subscribers.


There were two objectives to the solution. Firstly, drive sales by creating an immersive, fluid, omnichannel store experience to increase footfall and capture new customers along the entire purchase journey.

Secondly, to bring to life the superfast broadband proposition and demonstrate the benefits of mobile data to the low data use customers.


The new concept blurs the lines between on and offline experiences. It invites customers to start, continue and complete their purchase journeys seamlessly across mobile, digital and real-world. 

Live sports, music and entertainment are beamed on connected screens throughout the store, and customers can continue stream the content on their mobile devices once they have left. 

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