Transforming Snickers and Twix: crafting guilt-free snacking for every occasion

Services:  Brand, Product & Service Innovation, Sensory Guardrails, Concept & Platform Design, Agile Development

Embracing healthier snacking trends with flavorful innovation


After many years of success, the growing emphasis on healthier snacking was causing Snickers and Twix to feel less suitable for numerous situations. Mars recognized the need to shake things up – not only in how people view these brands, but also in how they provide more guilt-free enjoyment to consumers across different markets.


Establish the guidelines for achieving success in the realm of guilt-free snacking and devise inventive strategies to bring about this transformative change.

Pioneering innovation at mars for enhanced consumer experiences


We established a framework for crafting snacking products and experiences that effectively influence behavioral shifts.

Our “Keys To Win” framework offers distinct directives for leveraging technology and manufacturing solutions to generate permissible concepts for our flagship brands.

Our approach involved:

  • Exploring hypotheses
  • Engaging with an online community
  • Identifying and prioritizing opportunities
  • Participating in Expert Café and Inspiration Safari sessions
  • Prototyping products
  • Developing Keys to Win
  • Conducting innovation workshops.


Propelling Mars Towards Growth: Unveiling the Global Innovation Pipeline

Our efforts have created an updated global innovation pipeline for Mars brands. Snickers Cool, the first product in this pipeline launched in China in 2019, has already boosted revenue by an impressive 3.5%.

Looking Ahead: Snickers Triple Treat in 2023

Our journey continues as we anticipate the launch of Snickers Triple Treat in 2023, as part of our mission to redefine indulgence and enhance consumer experiences.