M&G Wealth

Creating a new brand for M&G to refresh a sector


M&G PLC – a global financial services and investments company and the parent to Prudential, a leading UK life and pensions firm – had gone through a period of rapid growth and expansion, acquiring a number of new companies and brands along the way. To best position themselves for the future, they wanted to create a new wealth management brand, bringing together facets of their existing services with new offers to provide a new way to access the traditional world of wealth management.

But how do you build on traditional roots to create a brand that’s fit for the future, differentiated, and accessible – yet still trusted and compliant in a highly regulated market?


Speaking to stakeholders from across the business and building on existing customer research, it became clear that the myriad of elements that make up “wealth management” – from pensions and investments to future planning – come together to create an industry that’s confusing, complicated, and often perceived as “not for me.”

So, we set about building the antithesis to this – starting with a blank sheet of paper and big ambitions to reimagine wealth management for the future.

Empowering wealth for all: the M&G revolution


We wanted to bring together the best of M&G to create a brand that felt accessible and democratized access to wealth management. A key part of this was making sure that everyone had access to expert financial advice and guidance, regardless of their financial experience or level of wealth.

In a rapid process spanning weeks not months, we built a brand for the new M&G Wealth proposition, clarified how it would show up against the wide M&G PLC network (including brands such as Prudential and M&G Investments), and helped bring it to life in a creative way.

The new M&G Wealth brand has been built to revolutionize the industry, empowering customers to make the best decisions to enable them to invest sustainably.

Moving away from traditional heritage approaches to branding in wealth management, the new M&G Wealth brand deliberately pushes into new territory to provoke the industry into accepting that wealth management does not need to be traditional, elitist, and “for the few.” We created a new brand to signify a new way to do things in the industry.


The new M&G Wealth brand launched successfully in Spring 2021.

Since then, we’ve continued working closely with the brand as they evolve and extend their offer.

One of the most exciting new launches is the development of a new wealth management app that further improves access to the industry by combining low-cost digital advice with a face-to-face option – a hybrid approach to wealth management that increases flexibility and lowers barriers to entry.

M&G’s decision to focus on this offering is a deliberate move towards opening up the wealth threshold for traditional services through advanced digital technologies, further leveling the playing field for – and empowering – customers who previously lacked access to wealth management services.