Nomad Foods

Shaping taste transformation for Nomad markets


When Nomad Foods, the proprietor of Birdseye and Iglo brands, sought our assistance, they were grappling with diminishing performance in their coated fish and fish finger offerings across Europe. This decline could be attributed to evolving family attitudes and behaviors during mealtime.


Nomad approached us for assistance in devising a strategic solution that would address the need for a transformative shift in consumer behavior within their key markets of the UK, Germany (DE), and Italy (IT). The goal was to establish an activation platform centered around the concepts of Permissibility and Taste, effectively reshaping consumer preferences.

Solutions that drive success: Transforming Nomad Foods with ‘Real Food Simply Made’


In response to Nomad Foods’ engagement, our comprehensive solution encompassed a multi-faceted approach to address their challenges. We initiated the process by conducting an in-depth existing insight and knowledge audit. Subsequently, qualitative consumer research was undertaken to delve into the intricacies of consumer perceptions and behaviors. Based on the insights garnered, we meticulously prioritized opportunities to drive effective outcomes.

Building upon this foundation, we embarked on crafting a compelling and resonant product positioning strategy that was tailor-made to surmount the identified barriers. The collaboration also entailed strategic road-mapping, ensuring a cohesive and actionable plan that aligned with Nomad Foods’ vision and objectives.


Our collaborative efforts with Nomad Foods resulted in the establishment of the impactful “Real Food Simply Made” platform. This innovative approach not only heightened brand visibility but also enhanced consumer acceptance and significantly bolstered sales throughout Europe.