Unlocking dairy’s growth potential: The Ornua strategy


When Ornua turned to us for assistance, they were confronted with the dynamic dairy industry landscape, characterized by ever-changing consumer attitudes and behaviors. Seeking our expertise, they aimed to uncover strategic pathways for growth and resonance. Our collaboration involved a deep dive into intricate consumer preferences, market trends, and emergent dynamics, with the objective of not only adapting but also shaping the industry’s evolution. Anchored in research, strategic foresight, and innovative thinking, our partnership with Ornua was driven by the shared goal of not just navigating change, but also being at the forefront of propelling transformative shifts in the dairy sector.


Ornua approached us seeking guidance to uncover substantial global prospects that could ignite growth within the dairy sector and fortify the Ornua brand. Through our collaborative efforts, we formulated a strategic solution that not only identified these opportunities but also established the Ornua Category Vision for the forthcoming five years. Our partnership enabled Ornua to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape and position themselves for a successful future.

Empowering Ornua for future growth with a clear market strategy and brand presence


We successfully formulated a comprehensive category vision and framework rooted in a deep comprehension of consumer dynamics, providing Ornua with a roadmap to inform their strategic choices for the next five years.

Our solution encompassed:

– In-depth consumer segmentation and the creation of a Growth Map™

– Rigorous assessment and prioritization of opportunities

– Development of a strategic approach

– Creation of an illustrative ‘Bringing it to life’ video and poster, encapsulating the strategy’s essence.


We delivered a tangible impact for Ornua by providing a distinct market positioning for their brands, offering a clear direction for their presence in the market. Furthermore, we outlined actionable steps to enhance their narrative when engaging with retailers, ensuring a compelling and refined message that resonates effectively.