Savills Investment Management

A wave of change for Savills Investment Management.

Services: Brand Identity & Expression

A new symbol of energy, activity and progress for Savills Investment Management.


Savills Investment Management, a leading player in the real estate industry, aimed to amplify their message of change. However, they encountered a notable challenge in effectively and consistently communicating their new positioning in a unique way, setting them apart from their competitors. This lead us to our overarching challenge: How can we create an identity that positions Savills Investments as a globally recognized player in the real estate asset management sector?


We crafted a distinctive and consistent brand identity for Savills Investment, symbolizing energy, activity, and progress. Through careful selection of vibrant colors, elegant typography, and meaningful symbolism, we created an ownable and memorable visual representation. This revitalized brand identity will leave a lasting impression and propel Savills Investment towards success in the real estate asset management sector.



Global Brand Identity Launched in June 2023 Across 17 Locations Worldwide.


A Dynamic Symbol of Energy, Activity, and Progress. Introducing a powerful new symbol that embodies the essence of energy, activity, and progress for Savills Investment Management. With its dynamic wave, vibrant color palette, and sophisticated visual language, this brand transformation encapsulates the purpose, vision, and values of the business. By providing a foundation of consistency and clarity, both internally and externally, it empowers effective communication across all channels.


In June 2023, the brand identity was officially launched in 17 locations worldwide. This marked the beginning of a comprehensive implementation plan aimed at ensuring a consistent roll-out across the entire organization. To facilitate a seamless transformation, a toolkit of assets and a comprehensive set of templates were provided. Additionally, brand ambassadors conducted core training, enabling employees to embrace the new identity with ease and ensure a cohesive transition throughout the year.