How can Sprycel identify a compelling positioning that differentiates the 2nd Generation therapy from a functionally similar competitor?

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Creating a growth strategy for Sprycel in the face of increasing competition


Sprycel was coming under increasing pressure in the Chronic Myeloid Leukemia therapy area, and needed to work hard to protect share and continue to grow.

Despite good brand awareness, the team was concerned about the growth of the challenger 2nd line treatment, Tasigna, thanks to an effective communication story around efficacy.

In addition to this, the entire category was under pressure due to the expected arrival of new generic drugs in 2015.


Following in depth research with patients and healthcare professionals, we identified that whilst Sprycel was seen as relevant and rationally appealing, it struggled to demonstrate differentiation or demonstrate it’s wider emotional value.

Clearly, we had to ensure that the brand had a strong, differentiated and emotionally compelling communication strategy at its heart.


A life-affirming, emotional connection between Sprycel and patients


We identified a number of brand positioning routes that would drive growth using an emotional hook for healthcare professionals to easily latch onto.

After crafting and refinement this led to one big, brilliantly simple and engaging communication idea

“Live your life with Sprycel”



We helped Sprycel to be more human. We created brand desirability which appealed to both the hearts and minds of healthcare professionals and patients. Our positioning gave equal weight to the rational reason for treatment choice, efficacy and the more emotional needs of the patient and their quality of life.

Sales growth more than doubled from 11% to over 25% pa

The brand hit over $1BN in sales for the first time ever