Maximizing opportunities for user connection and business revenue by moving beyond demographics

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Unlocking audience opportunities


TikTok, due to its heterogeneous audiences, minimal cross-platform redundancy, remarkable user involvement with media, and strong credibility which leads to high potential for viral content, presents a singular chance for advertisers to reach a large and varied audience.

We were approached by TikTok to assist in effectively conveying its distinctive worth to advertisers by cultivating a profound comprehension of TikTok’s audience and the ways in which it distinguishes itself from other platforms.


Our task involved facilitating the effective transmission of TikTok’s unparalleled value proposition to advertisers, achieved through gaining a more profound comprehension of the platform’s audience and the ways in which it distinguishes itself from other platforms.

Maximizing mindsets to unite users


Our study aimed to understand why people engage with TikTok and identified different mindsets among users by surveying 4,000 respondents across five European countries. The majority of TikTok users fell into four core mindsets: “Entertain me,” “Participate,” “Uplift,” and “Discover.” Brands should recognize that mindsets, not demographics, unite people, and understand when users are in these mindsets to maximize opportunities for connection and sales. Author Gina Pell coined the term “perennial” to describe this shift towards growth thinking and curiosity.

Our study utilized various methods such as stakeholder interviews, internal TikTok document reviews, mobile ethnographies, quantitative diary studies, and mindset segmentation analysis to identify key areas of differentiation for the brand. We found that TikTok’s unique value proposition lies in delivering branded content to an “Entertain Me” audience with a playful and cheerful mindset, resulting in a unique user experience.


“It shows that there are clear and very different mindsets, each of these with their own unique characteristics. These mindsets represent an opportunity for advertisers and marketers to change the way they engage with people and build different associations with their brands.”

Stuart Flint, Head of Global Business Solutions for TikTok, Europe