Virgin Atlantic

Reigniting Virgin Atlantic’s legacy: crafting clarity and connection in the travel industry

Services: Consumer & Customer, Insight & Analytics | Segmentation, Personas & GrowthMap | Purpose, Positioning & Values 

Bridging the gap in premium travel


When Virgin Atlantic turned to us for assistance, it was evident that despite its historic prominent standing in the travel industry, the brand had encountered a challenge of inconsistency over time. Both consumers and internal teams were grappling with a lack of clarity regarding what truly set Virgin Atlantic apart or justified the premium associated with its offerings.


In our endeavor to provide a solution for Virgin Atlantic, we embarked on the task of reviving the brand’s essence through a renewed brand positioning. Our aim was to establish a clear and resonant brand promise that would not only define what Virgin Atlantic distinctively offered but also effectively engage with critical target segments, including business travellers and the younger generation.

Elevating travel thoughtfulness: a visionary journey with Virgin Atlantic


As part of our solution for Virgin Atlantic, we recognized a prevailing deficiency in the thoughtfulness of many travel experiences. Our analysis revealed that Virgin Atlantic uniquely possessed the innovation, human touch, and imaginative prowess needed to craft the distinct and exceptional experiences that our target audience desired.

To address this, our approach comprised:

Conducting a comprehensive Business & Insight Audit
Scrutinizing Competitors & Industry Trends
Carrying out thorough Consumer Segmentation
Exploring Segments through Qualitative Analysis
Developing a Targeted Brand Positioning
Establishing Strategic Guardrails
Articulating the Creative Agency Briefing.


We made a significant impact for Virgin Atlantic by formulating a fresh brand positioning along with a comprehensive strategy that outlines precisely how the brand will achieve its business goals. To ensure a seamless implementation, we also devised comprehensive execution guidelines. These guidelines seamlessly informed the creation of their new creative brief for the 2022 ‘See the world differently‘ advertisement, aligning the brand’s vision with its creative expression.