Clear launches Closing the Experience Gap

The Experience Gap is real. Learn how to close it.

It’s about working out how to balance and prioritise investment right across our communications, advertising, digital and the physical experience… Simple to say, much harder to do.
Emma Inston
Global Head of Brand Marketing Communications, E.ON

In 2018 we identified the Experience Gap – a growing disconnect between what brands promise their customers and what they actually deliver.

We demonstrated that failure to close the gap is costing brands $millions each year. And we highlighted that it’s not enough to be ‘good enough’ – consumers demand that brands deliver outstanding experiences regardless of sector.

In that context, Closing the Experience Gap is a strategic imperative for brands.

Since 2018, we’ve been busy working on new techniques and approaches to help brands close the gap. We’ve identified different types of experience gap. We’ve unpicked the ways these gaps differ and designed solutions to help brands tackle the factors that contribute to their own, unique Experience Gaps. And we’ve interviewed more than 35 CMOs, CCOs, CEOs and CX specialists from a variety of brands around the world, to expand our knowledge of the ways in which brands are Closing the Experience Gap.

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