Daksha Desai

Head of Insights, Asia

Daksha Desai

Daksha is passionate about being the voice of the consumer in the boardroom to enable brands to make strategic choices grounded in insights.

Her insights journey spans more than 40 countries over 25 years, and she's lived and worked in Mumbai, Dubai, London, and now Singapore. Prior to joining Clear, she held leadership roles at both multinational and boutique agencies, including Flamingo and Kantar.

Daksha is innately curious about people, their lives, and cultures. This curiosity, combined with her analytical skills, has helped shape the strategies for clients like Visa, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Haleon (GSK), Bacardi, Coca-Cola, and 3M.

Over the years, she has presented at several international industry conferences on topics related to culture and technology

Outside of work, Daksha enjoys cycling, yoga, pilates, and bonding over meals with family and friends. She relishes every opportunity to hop on a plane to explore new countries and cultures.

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