Pingit – Creating the future of borrowing and buying for Barclays

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A simple, clear insight that helped Barclays to kick off a seismic shift in peer-to-peer payments


Barclays came to us with a big question – “what’s the future of credit cards?”

We saw in this question a bigger challenge – and a more exciting opportunity – redefining their business through consumer eyes: not the future of credit cards, but instead a broader definition of the future of borrowing and buying.


Using a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research, we mapped and sized the market, existing customers and key opportunities.

The result was a Growth Map that highlighted the areas in which Barclays could play a different role in the world of borrowing and buying.

But more than that, the Growth Map uncovered a simple insight: 1/3rd of all borrowing is between friends and family, in cash.

If Barclays could create a service that digitised and simplified that peer-to-peer borrowing experience, they’d unlock a whole new source of revenue.

Pingit – a groundbreaking digital innovation that revolutionised the peer-to-peer lending market


We worked with the Barclays team to create a simplified and more profitable portfolio of products and clear opportunities for innovation.

But the jewel in the crown was Pingit.


Launched by Barclays in 2012, Pingit was a groundbreaking digital innovation that revolutionised the peer-to-peer lending and payments space.

It rapidly reached more than 1m downloads and grew net revenue 21% for Barclays.