Innovation Consulting

Unlocking new innovation opportunities across product, service, brand and experience to deliver incremental commercial growth.

Brand, Product & Service Innovation

We use a variety of linear, agile, strategic and creative processes to uncover new insights and opportunities for growth, before creating new customer validated products and services that deliver long-term incremental value.

Renovation & Reimagination

We mix design-thinking and sensory strategy to rapidly create and refine new solutions that solve specific challenges and accelerate growth of core products and brands. Our renovation work stretches from building new D2C service propositions for existing consumer brands to reimagining insurance for new behaviours and needs – and lots more in between.

Business Model Innovation

Using our Growth Map methodology, we identify and model new sources of value for the business, creating new solutions and models to access these incremental revenue streams.

Culture & Capabilities

We are trusted by the worlds largest technology, consumer goods and financial services brands to inspire their teams to learn. We have developed a clear and rigorous approach to upskilling your team’s innovation capabilities, embedding new tools and ways of working to foster more innovative behaviours and culture across your business.

Concept & Platform Design

We have an enviable track record of creating customer and consumer-validated concepts which not only score highly across BASES tests, but which also deliver commercial impact. We are expert in bringing new opportunities and innovative solutions to life through copy and design to help drive engagement with stakeholders and customers – and ultimately deliver growth.

Agile Development

We have a dedicated incubation and agile innovation group, set up to help brands to create effective innovations where outcomes are uncertain and teams are keen to work iteratively to develop and test disruptive solutions. Working as facilitators, in-sourced scrum-masters or as a wholly outsourced incubation team – we help you get beyond business as usual and find new, untapped sources of growth.

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Other Services

Business Consulting

Helping you deliver a clear vision and strategy to underpin the future growth of your business

Brand Consulting

Creating true clarity around your brand purpose, positioning and identity to enable rapid, focused growth

Experience Consulting

Closing the gap between your marketing and your brand experience to drive customer retention and incremental growth