Experience Consulting

Closing the gap between your marketing and your brand experience to drive customer retention and incremental growth.

Customer Journey Mapping

We paint a clear picture of your customers’ experiences with your brand across all touchpoints in the journey and then pinpoint the areas in which you outperform and underperform versus your key competition. We create a visual map of your experience gaps – and how to close them.

Impact Modelling

Our proprietary Impact Model helps brands to understand and define the best combination of brand-right cues – from messages, to images and sensory elements – that will drive a desired outcome such as brand consideration or purchase intent.

Experience Strategy

We work with marketing, strategy and experience leaders to define a clear Experience blueprint and strategy to prioritize areas of investment across your brand experience journey.

Experience Design: Physical, Sensorial, CX & UX

From our world beating Sensory Strategy unit to our agile CX and UX capabilities to our award-winning retail design team – we work with brands to build entirely new or refine existing brand experiences.

Prototyping & MVP Development

We have a specialist team focused on using agile methodology to incubate new products and services. They create Minimum Viable Brand Experiences, tested and iterated live in market.

Iterative testing & Validation

All of our experience work involves iteratively testing and validating updates to your brand experience live in market – rapidly updating and improving upon what you have using live data.

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