Brand Consulting

Our Brand Consulting Services

Creating true clarity around your brand purpose, positioning and identity to enable rapid, focused growth.

Consumer & Customer Insights & Analytics

In search of clarity, we deploy a proprietary set of primary and secondary consumer and customer research tools and techniques to rigorously explore brand strategy, proposition and category hypotheses.

Purpose, Positioning & Values

We work with our clients to clarify and organize the often complex internal and external forces around brands. We then create inspiring, energizing and above all clear purpose programmes, startlingly brave brand positioning and direct, straightforward values for employees to unite behind.

Proposition Development

We work closely with product and service teams to define the clearest, most compelling and cut-through propositions in the marketplace – propositions with the clarity to succeed in crowded and noisy categories.

Portfolio Strategy

We use commercial, consumer and partner data to help you define the most efficient, effective and profitable portfolio strategy – and author multi-year category vision strategies which help our clients to lead the way with clarity.

Brand Architecture

We help you to refine, reimagine and redeploy the parts of your brand in the most clear, compelling and commercially effective formation.

Brand Identity & Expression

We harness strategy, beauty and precision in the creation of award-winning, clear, compelling brand identities that deliver commercial success and inspire pride among employees.

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